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Mechatronics Apprenticeship Programme by Al Masaood Power

Mechatronics Apprenticeship Programme by Al Masaood Power

The initiative meets the demand for skilled technical workforce, grows career development opportunities, and empowers Emiratis for the future industry

Al Masaood Power Division, a part of the Al Masaood Group – one of Abu Dhabi’s leading business conglomerates, has developed a new apprenticeship programme to help address the power industry’s workforce challenges, diversify the UAE Nationals’ talent pipeline with gender equality, and foster the career development opportunities within the industry.

The application process has started, and we are offering a two-year programme, for which Al Masaood Power Division have developed the curriculum, and will connect the Emirati fresh graduates, both male and/or female in the engineering fields, with mechanical and electronic subjects for a paid apprenticeship featuring on-the-job training, learning and preparation for careers in the industry.

Demand in the Future of Industry

Today, every industry needs mechatronics to improve quality, reliability, and efficiency. Finding and attracting qualified Emirati talent is one of the top challenges facing the mechatronics sector in the Emirates, yet the mechatronics job market is expected to grow by 6.4 per cent between 2016 and 2026 globally.[1]

According to the recent survey conducted by job portal Bayt and YouGov in the MENA region, 72 per cent believe that technological factors (such as digital transformation, automation, artificial intelligence, etc.) are most likely to change the nature of work in the future. Moreover, 74 per cent believe that the demand for software engineers is likely to increase over the next 10 years, along with demand for electrical engineers. Al Masaood Mechatronics Apprenticeship programme was created in response to the growing demand for a highly skilled technical workforce.

“Al Masaood is elated to announce its first-of-a-kind apprenticeship initiative, with a goal of building a programme model that can be scaled and used by all integrators in mechanical and electronics fields,” said Rasso Bartenschlager, General Manager of Al Masaood Power Division. “This new programme will equip five selected Emirati fresh graduate engineers with the essential training and skills needed in mechatronics, completed with certifications from Rolls-Royce Power Systems (MTU), one of the global brands represented by Al Masaood in the country.”

Al Masaood Mechatronics Apprenticeship Programme Curriculum

The Mechatronics Apprenticeship 2022 programme will focus on the design, repair, and maintenance of controlled electromechanical systems by the integration of functional elements from a multitude of restraints. It starts with thinking how the required function can be realised by the combination of different [1] subsystems (mechanical, electrical, and software) according to a systematic step-by-step approach, from basic level with a total duration of 30 weeks; intermediate with a total duration of 45 weeks; and an advance level with a total duration of 8 weeks.

The curriculum of Al Masaood Mechatronics Apprenticeship programme this year, will follow a competency-based apprenticeship model and require a minimum of 100-plus hours of on-the-job training. Participants will be paid on a progressive scale based on the current industry average hourly rate, with increased opportunities throughout the two year long apprenticeship period.

“With a total of 104 weeks within the two-year programme, the timing is appropriate for the industry. We provide them with a full-package curriculum trained by our experts in the Group; it starts from introduction, Health & Safety until the field experience stage, whereas they will work independently with full responsibility,” added Rasso.

The training facilities will be in Abu Dhabi with the total area of the workshop being 10,000sqm which includes a 500sqm training centre, which has 21 training engines, 4 simulators, and a 3D training programme. The methodology employs advanced technology and is based on the latest trends in the sector.

Commitment in Emiratisation

In line with the national strategies and directives of the UAE government, Al Masaood’s strategic goal is to maximise employment of the UAE Nationals. As an effort of Emiratisation in the Group, the recruitment for apprenticeship participants will be geared towards recent UAE national graduates in mechanical and/or electronic engineering. The programme is applicable for Emirati students across the Emirates, despite the training centre being in the capital city.

“Al Masaood is committed to supporting and advancing the economic and talent growth of the UAE and increasing the participation of Emirati nationals in the private sector. We recruit, train, develop, and integrate the UAE Nationals at all levels with gender equality in our business and help them to become leading professionals in the sectors where we operate,” said Bothaina Al Ali, Group HR Manager of Al Masaood.

The Mechatronics Apprenticeship programme is being developed to support the Group’s effort to recruit and train new local talents into the power sector – as the industry has continued to grow and evolve, Al Masaood is seeing an opportunity to shape local engineers, this will also enable them to become job-ready and grow the next generation of industrial workforce in the UAE.

The selected apprentices will be trained in skills enhancement suitable for several domains of mechatronics engineering including MTU orientation, Basic 4 Stroke Engine, Machinery and Lifting Operator introduction, Basic Electronics, Basic Measurements, Mechanical and Electronics.

“The power industry is constantly evolving and there is a need for consistent and quality training. The mechatronics programme offered by Al Masaood Power aims at empowering participants with hands-on learning and preparing them for the best opportunities in the industry. It prepares them with skills required to start their career to embrace any kind of disruptions that might happen in the future of the industry.” closed Rasso.