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Shams+ is a UAE built off-grid smart charging system for electric vehicles and hybrid marine vessels. Sham+ offers customers high convenience and efficiency with its high-power solutions. Operating in various urban, rural, and agricultural areas as well as marine ports and hubs. 

The solution consists of multiple-vehicle capability which will provide you a sustainable battery charging through solar energy at fast charging speed. Shams+ provides customers a solar power system with an extensive network of charging stations that can cater to all of your battery needs. 

Sunstream is a German designed, French operated company, dedicated to developing moveable plug and play solar energy solutions. Sunstream offers a comprehensive portfolio of solar solutions suitable for multiple industries and renewable energy needs. 

Sunstream builds day after day the foundation of a new world of energy since 2014. Sunstream decided to design the first generation of mobile and plug & play solar solutions, minimizing environmental impacts and eliminating the use of concrete or cement.