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mtu marine engines


Al Masaood offers a broad range of best-in-class quality solutions and services in the marine industry, delivered by a highly-qualified, technologically savvy and dedicated team of experts.

Digital design of MTU defense vehicle

Defense Vehicles

Al Masaood Power Division offers a broad range of best-in-class quality services in the defence industry, delivered by a highly-qualified and dedicated team of experts.

Sunstream International

Sunstream is a German designed, French operated company, dedicated to developing moveable plug and play solar energy solutions. Sunstream offers a comprehensive portfolio of solar solutions suitable for multiple industries and renewable energy needs.

Sunstream builds day after day the foundation of a new world of energy since 2014. Incorporated in 2014, the company launched the first moveable solar plant in the world ‘Springbox’ in Burkina Faso, Africa.


Offering customers, the highest convenience and efficiency, Shams+ operates off-grid high power solution, offers better flexibility and easier installation in various urban and rural locations, including agricultural areas, as well as in marine ports and hubs.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is derived from naturally regenerated sources or processes and is increasing as innovation, which lowers prices and delivers on the promise of a clean energy future. We will continue to create innovations that are less expensive and will capture cleaner energy sources, instead of coal and gas that harm us and the environment. 

Renewable energy has become economically effective in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the UAE plans to generate the majority of its electrical energy from solar sources by 2050. To generate most of its electricity from renewable energy and other opportunities including solar energy, waste energy and water treatment. 

Due to renewable energy and sustainable initiatives that are rapidly growing in the Middle East, the UAE has three of the world’s largest solar power plants and is quickly expanding into building more to achieve safe and clean energy environment. 

As renewable use continues to grow, a key goal will be to modernize our electricity grid, making it innovative, smarter, more secure, and better integrated across the regions.